With domestic profitability in reach, Pandora looks to expand internationally

Please come to Canada. I used Pandora all the time when it was new and not region locked. I still get emails from Pandora whenever new music from bands I listened to is added but I can’t listen to it because I’m in Canada.


Pandora (S P) conquered mobile, it’s been expanding its automotive integration, and it expects to be profitable in 2014. So where should the company go next? One answer could be: Abroad.

Pandora has been tight-lipped about its international plans, with executives saying in the past that it would focus on the U.S. market. But Pandora CEO Brian McAndrews gave some hints during Thursday’s earnings call that this may change, saying:

“It’s certainly something that we are long-term interested in exploring and investing in appropriately.”

McAndrews went on to emphasize that Pandora is primarily concentrating on the U.S. for near-term growth, and that there is “no specific timeline, no specific goal” in place for expanding abroad.

Asked about the company’s plans for expanding abroad, a company spokesperson told me:

“International expansion is certainly top of mind, but right now we cannot comment on a timeline for additional country launches. It…

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